"Sweet-treats and candy and cakes! Oh MY!"

Our P&R signature dessert setting boasts some of the finest work you will see in table presentation. It is of course thanks to the chefs who we have chosen, that use the highest quality of ingredients and turn everything they touch into magical treats that are truly scrumptious!

The most delicious, pleasing and fulfilling indulgences will be served as well as a themed cake to everyone’s delight.

Sweets for our sweets!

You can also enjoy our incredibly delightful candy stations, made to match the theme and colors of the party. With tables brimming and flowing with edible wonders, you won’t be able to resist this calorific temptation.

You can tell us exactly what you want on the dessert table, and we can customize it to your taste, or you can give us a budget and we will come up with something you are sure to love.

When we say customize, we mean customize! And that means that every item you want to be personally labeled, from jar and banners, to the actual desserts and the dessert table, we can do it all.

Please click on our customize button for more information!

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"If you seek perfection in sugar confection…Well there's something new on the scene!
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"