"Bibbidy bobbidy boo! We make your dreams come true!"

It's not just Cinderella who get's to have a fairy godmother; each child deserves to have one as well. At P&R we like to think of ourselves as a team of fairy godmothers and godfathers, bringing joy and happiness to all.

With every unique child, comes a unique party. Whoever his favorite superhero is or her favorite Disney princess, your wish is our command.

For those too-cool-for-school kids (you know which ones we are talking about) we will make sure we throw them the hippest party ever! Keep in mind that it’s not just the little ones who will be having all the fun. Our team can also create a special section and mini party for parents and their friends to enjoy.

We go beyond imagination, pushing the envelope to ensure that all your guests leave having taken the best memories with them. That is a promise we pledge to fulfill.

The cool thing about P&R is that we don’t have standard packages, as we tailor-make each event just for you! So just tell us exactly what you want and we will do our best to accommodate you and your budget.

Even if what you need is just simply a dessert setting or a few customized products, we are happy to assist!

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